A Documentary Feature directed/produced by Debra Tolchinsky in development with Kartemquin Films

This film examines the causes and implications of false memory and false internalized belief within the criminal justice system: a woman misidentifies her assailant, an investigator elicits a false confession, and a suspect becomes convinced he committed a crime that he did not commit. Informed by an understanding of the ways memory and belief become contaminated, new investigative protocols can reduce wrongful convictions.



Can 500 words per minute, gasps for air, and unintelligible arguments win another championship for Northwestern University’s debate team?  Filmmaker and Northwestern University professor Debra Tolchinsky spends a year following the team as they passionately prepare to defend their title under the tutelage of renowned Coach Scott Deatherage.  Infused with touches of whimsy, FAST TALK beautifully captures the intensity, drive and absurdity of the mile-a-minute world of college debate, while reflecting on the larger issue of our own accelerated lives.